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King County Fire District 27 is located in Fall City, Washington nestled in the Cascade foothills twenty four miles east of Seattle. The Fire District serves a population of approximately 6,340 people in and surrounding the unincorporated rural town of Fall City. The Fire District service area is 22 square miles.


Fire District 27 Merger Vote Pro/Con Committee Debate

Thursday, March 28th from 7:00-8:30pm at Chief Kanim Middle School

The Vote takes place on April 23rd, 2019

We at the Fall City Community Association (FCCA) are aware of the opportunity for Fall City residents to vote to support or oppose the merger of the Fall City Fire District 27 into Fire District 10. One of the primary missions of the FCCA is to "proactively communicate on local issues" with Fall City residents.

The FCCA is moderating a town-hall discussion on Thursday, March 28th from 7:00-8:30pm at Chief Kanim Middle School.

The format will include:
  • An introduction by the FCCA
  • 5 minute presentations by two persons representing the "pro" position and two persons representing the "con" position.
  • The remaining time will be answering 8 questions asked by the event moderators. Each committee will be given 3 minutes to answer each of these questions.
  • Each committee will then be given 5 minutes to conclude their argument.

There will be no live questions or comments from the audience. However, we would like to source the 8 questions for this event ahead of time. If you would like to have a question asked by the moderators during this debate, you may submit it here prior to 8pm on Monday, March 25nd. Submit Questions Here

You may view all the posed questions before they are selected here: Here

The 8 final questions will be selected by the pro/con committees before 8:00pm Tuesday, March 26th from the results of the question submissions.

The FCCA Board will not debate the issue here. If you have questions regarding the debate format or question submission form, please let us know.

Possible changes to our Fire District

Citing concerns regarding financial sustainability and service delivery, Fire District 27 commissioners are exploring possible futures for the Fall City Fire Department. The option selected to put on a ballot for community approval/disapproval could have significant impact on the fire staff, local businesses, and residents in Fire District 27, so it is important that community members become familiar with the ramifications of each option for themselves and the community and to seek answers from and make their preferences known to the commissioners early in the process.

More information regarding options, pros and cons, etc. is available in this newsletter article (download PDF).

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