A tale of two websites…
Fall City Historical Society

Fall City Historical Society is delighted to announce the appearance of two new websites. One is our own expanded website (see banner above) and the second is for the beginning of online access to our collections.

Our new website is definitely a "work in progress." We would appreciate your feedback, both on content and any errors you notice.

Over the coming months, we will be adding more links to materials in our Reference Library, with the intent to make much of the content searchable eventually. You'll be able to see all of our calendars over the years, as well as access the previous Fall City Neighbors Newsletter articles. And through the All Collections tab, you can link to our new searchable "online collections" site. (see below).

We'll eventually be able to offer purchase of books and History in Your Hand items through our Gift Shop, and donations and memberships will be enabled online as well.

Past Perfect Online
We were determined as we began our Historical Society journey to take great care in the handling and cataloging of materials donated to our collections. Recently an opportunity became available to use the already entered PastPerfect catalog records and images to make our collection items available online.

A grant from Heritage 4Culture in 2013 helped with the purchase of PastPerfect Online software and an intern to begin preparing records for uploading, as well as the first year's hosting costs. As of February 2014, about 30% of our photos and other collection items have been uploaded, with special emphasis on school photos (about 600 photos to date). We will continue to add other collection records as time permits.

Fall City Historical Society
Fall City Class of 1927, Sophomore year.
Look for hundreds of school photos online!
Special Thanks to:
Heritage 4 Culture
and to
Heritage 4Culture
for helping fund
Online Collections
Snoqualmie Tribe
the Snoqualmie tribe
for a grant in 2013
to help cover costs
for web design

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