About Fall City Washington

Volunteer and Service Opportunities

Considering that we are a small, unincorporated community, we are always in need of volunteers to serve the community in a variety of ways. And occasionally we have a unique situation where we have a set of volunteers looking for a project they can tackle. This page lists both our needs and opportunities.

Fall City Day Volunteers Needed

Fall City day is Saturday, June 8, 2019. Volunteers are needed for a wide variety of activities ranging from setup to clean up and to help coordinate fun activities throughout the day. Practically all ages are welcome if a parent is available to supervise and actively support. The time commitment ranges from 2 to 8 hours.
Contact Judy Dix () or Laurie Hauglie () for more information.

Community Garage Sale Coordinator/Map-Maker Wanted

The Fall City Community garage sale takes place the weekend of May 31 through June 2, 2019 (Friday through Sunday). If you would be interested in collecting participating addresses and making a map, this would help bargain hunters navigate the area.
For more information, please contact Nancy Moore ().

Volunteers Found! Small Projects Wanted

Do you have an idea for a small sized project that could benefit the community? We have a six person team of middle-school aged students and scouts looking for ways they can serve. Ideally the project is outdoors and the requestor could provide any tools or support to get the job done. Ideas could include trash pickup, painting, weed pulling, minor repairs, etc. The idea must contain a component that benefits the entire community, the elderly or disabled. Washing just your car may be out of scope, but providing a location for students to wash many cars may be fine.
For more information, please contact Ashley Glennon ()

Volunteers Found! Community-Wide Project Wanted

We have 10-40 adults who are looking for a community wide service project that could be addressed or completed in one or no more than two days. Do you have ideas regarding a big need in the community? The bias for these volunteers is to work on projects that enhance community involvement or engagement. For instance, building a community center or re-storing a community icon is more likely to be approved than re-painting your house or fixing your truck. This crew requires about six months of advance notice but represents a blend of skilled and diverse workers. Any supplies beyond basic hand or gardening tools would need to be supplied by the requestor. This is a smart labor force looking for a way to help.
If you have ideas, please share them with Ashley Glennon () or Emily R at ().

Thank you!

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