About Fall City Washington

Fall City is a friendly, Snoqualmie Valley community that is approximately 26 miles east of Seattle.

Many are surprised to hear that we aren't truly a city, but are simply an unincorporated rural town nestled along the banks of the Snoqualmie and Raging Rivers. The rivers play an important role in our community as thousands of visitors descend upon our town during the summer and fall months to float in the river and play along our broad, rocky shorelines.

Over the last 10 years Fall City has experienced a growth rate of around 20 percent as people discover that we have some of the highest-rated schools in the area and make a great place to live.

Fall City has a vibrant arts community that hosts a variety of family and fine arts programs throughout the year and we also have an active historical society that is proud to promote and preserve the elements that make Fall City special. Our parks department is working hard to preserve and improve recreational opportunities and the Fall City Community Association strives to improve the quality of life for Fall City residents overall.

You can learn more about Fall City on this site or by clicking on the link to the most recent Fall City neighbors newsletter.

Take a tour of our wonderful town (via YouTube)!

Fall City Overview