Fall City Community Information Event

Event FAQs

  • What: Fall City Community Information Event
  • When: usually scheduled for March
  • Where: Fall City Library (King County Library System) Get Directions
  • Who: All ages are invited. You do not need to be a resident of Fall City to attend.
  • Cost: Free

What is the purpose of the event?
The purpose of the event is to introduce Fall City residents to the variety of service and special interest organizations available in the Snoqualmie Valley. The event is also designed to help people meet others who share a common interest. This is a casual, come-as-you-are event to look around and meet people who share your interests.

Who should attend?
Anyone interested in learning more about the community, engaging with King County and learning about the variety of service organizations and interest groups in Fall City, should attend.

Why should I attend?
You may be surprised at how many special programs, information resources and unique opportunities are available to you.

  • You will learn about special programs which are available to you at little to no cost.
  • You will learn where and how you might gain more information about King County
  • and how things work.
  • You can meet people who share your same interests.
  • It will be casual, relaxing and no one will be selling anything.
  • It will be family-friendly.

Do I have to be a Fall City resident to attend?
No. All are welcome although the focus of the event is Fall City.

How much does it cost?
The event is free.

Who is invited?
Everyone! All ages are welcome.

Is the library big enough?
The entire library space will be used for this event. The event will not be limited to the community room in the back.

How can I get invited/how might I participate?
If you are a service organization, non-profit or similar entity and not already on the list, please send a message to Ashley Glennon: and Michele Drovdahl:
Note: Space is limited and the event may be full.

Is selling of goods allowed?
No. No selling is allowed outside of membership fees, dues, donations or similar.

How is it possible to have food/snacks in the library?
Pre-packaged foods will be allowed during this event and may be handed out by participating organizations. Organizations who are approved in advance and also have a food handlers permit may be allowed to serve additional food types. It is expected that any food items made available will be easy to clean up and be considerate of the library environment.

What organizations are being invited?
The list below represents organizations that have been invited to attend. Please note that it is very likely that some of these organizations will fail to appear and no guarantee is made that all organizations will appear.

Fall City Arts
Fall City Community Association
Fall City Fire District (King Co. District 27)
Fall City Food Pantry
Fall City Historical Society
Fall City Learning Garden and P-Patch
Fall City Metropolitan Park District
Fall City United Methodist Church
Falls Little League
King County Councilmember Kathy Lambert's Office
King County CSA
King County Sheriff's office
Mountains To Sound Greenway Trust
Raging River Conservation Group
Raging River Riders
Snoqualmie Valley Alliance Church
Snoqualmie Valley Transportation
The Masons
United Methodist Women
Valley Christian Assembly, Fall City


FAQs for Organizations exhibiting at the Fall City Community Information Event

What sort of space is available?
Participating organizations will be limited to a maximum of a 10'x10' space and smaller exhibit footprints (such as 8'x8') are encouraged. Your flexibility is appreciated as the entire library shall be used for exhibit space and there are many asymmetrical spaces.

What other concerns should we be aware of?

  • The event space will potentially be very noisy as the overall space is small.
  • Available space is limited and organizations will be spread throughout the entire library, thus some exhibitors may be located amidst stacks of books, along walls or back-to back with other exhibitors.
  • You may not use a PA system or amplify audio beyond the max. volume of a normal laptop, PC or projector.
  • Liquids (other than drinking water), fans, fire, smoke or aromatics may not be used in your display.

What should we bring?
There are no formal requirements but the FCCA and Library staff recommend:

  1. One or more persons to set up and “work” in your area for the duration of the event.
  2. A sign, display, banner or similar materials that identify your organization or space.
  3. A table or similar surface to display brochures or other materials.
  4. One chair (have on hand as a backup).
  5. A power cord at least 20 feet long (if power is required).
  6. Something of interest or something for distribution to all ages. Visitors always like handouts.

What is the recommended attire?
This is a casual, indoor event and casual attire such as jeans and t-shirts are welcome. Community residents would appreciate if you wore a name tag or identifying article representing your organization, but this is not required.

When can we set-up or load in?
You may begin setting up or loading in at 9:30am and continue until the event begins at 11am. The library does not open on Sat. until 10am.

When can we load out?
Load out may begin at 2pm when the event softly ends, but exhibitors—at their discretion—may remain set up until 3pm if desired. Likewise, if traffic falls off early, exhibitors may leave early. This is supposed to be casual.

I have more questions. Who may I contact?
Ashley Glennon, President, FCCA: (425) 442-5893 or
Michele Drovdahl, King County Library

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Get Involved!
Be a part of the fun!
For questions, to volunteer, or to sign up for the event, contact:
Ashley Glennon,
President, FCCA:
(425) 442-5893
Michele Drovdahl,
King County Library