Fall City Community Association

The Great Duck Hunt of 2023!
Duck hunting season opens June 10th!

Let's get out and walk! There will be 100 painted rubber ducks hidden throughout the Fall City area on June 10th. They will be on walking paths, trails, and downtown. Once found, they are yours to keep! There will be more than one duck that will have a tag around its' neck that identifies the lucky winners.

Winner Instructions: Visit the Duck Sponsor's Place of Business with your duck to receive your prize unless stated otherwise.

The number #1 duck has a $100 cash prize!!

This will be the first year to hunt ducks because we have retired the Fall City Duck Derby. The Duck Derby started in 2001 by Laurie Hauglie, Jane Krein, Zanda Krein, Amy Jones and so many other volunteers that waded in the Snoqualmie River, donated prizes, sold tickets and so much more. I want to thank all the volunteers that participated! The 1000 ducks were just plain worn out. We have cleaned them up and now these ducks have been painted by many artists from Fall City. We will continue hiding 100 ducks per year, on Fall City Day, to say goodbye to all the original certified racing ducks.

On April 15th, Krimsey Lilleth, the Fall City Arts President, held a painting party for all ages at the King County Library and it was a hit! We had 50 ducks painted in just 2 hours. They are wonderful works of art!

Come join us in the Great Fall City Duck Hunt! No ducks will be hidden on private property.

Good luck with your Duck Hunt!!

Click here to download photos of the ducks