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April 2023

Fall City Neighbors is a monthly community non-profit newsletter published since 1998 and supported by sponsorships and donations from the community. The goal of the newsletter is to foster a caring and connected community of neighbors throughout the Fall City area.

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Newsletter Submissions

We encourage submissions, story suggestions, and comments from our community. We are always looking for writers, reporters, artists, and idea people interested in volunteering for this publication.

Deadline for submission is the 10th of the month.

»How to submit:

General story ideas, classified ads*, articles, suggestions and comments:

Editor: Nancy Moore
Neighbors email:

Click here for writers guidelines.

*Free classified ads for non-profits and individuals only, no business ads except for local help-wanted ads.

Calendar Items:

Contact Andree Hurley

To submit or request a business profile:

Contact Nancy

Click here for guidelines on what to include in a business profile.

Newsletter Support:

Donations: Individuals or groups are invited to send in donations to help with Newsletter costs.

You will be able to choose/add the donation amount after you click the Newsletter Donation button below.

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Sponsorships: Sponsors are the life blood of the newsletter!

To sponsor:

Contact Janet Kautz
Mail: PO Box 1064, Fall City , WA 98024
Ad sizes:
3.5" x 2"–$75/qtr or $300/yr;
3.5" x 4"–$150/qtr or $600/yr;
7.5" x 4"–$300/qtr or $1200/yr

You may now pay for ad sponsorship using PayPal.

For PayPal, click the Pay Sponsorship Ad button below and you will be able to choose the ad size and length of time. Please add your business name and contact info.


The newsletter is distributed free of charge to the community. A copy can be picked up at the following locations:

  • Fall City Library
  • Fall City Post Office (green box out in front)
  • Farmhouse Market
  • Hauglie Insurance
  • Fall City Roadhouse & Inn

Newsletter Staff:

Nancy Moore
Editors Emeritus
Del Moore
Anita Westeren - email:
Becky Davie - email:
Ruth Pickering - email:
Kristin Minner and the Minner Family
Historical Society
Ruth Pickering
Janet Kautz
Andree Hurley
Sharon Brown
Garden Corner
Susan Miller
Layout and Design
Dave Gershman
Community Garage Sale
Marleen Francis
Business services
Christine Johnson
Printing Control/Cindy Parks
And many others for ideas and encouragement.

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Newsletter Submissions
10th of the month for the following newsletter
Send to:
Volunteers Needed
Writers, reporters, artists, and idea people!
Consider lending your talents to this local publication.
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